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By Stephen Leahy UXBRIDGE, Canada, Mar 12 2013 (IPS) – Two years after Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, the country faces 100 to 250 billion dollars in cleanup and compensation costs, tens of thousands of displaced people and widespread impacts of radiation. The nuclear industry and its suppliers made billions from building and operating Fukushima’s [...]

Robert Bryce was a speaker at a Sustainable mobility conference in La Jolla, CA. Bryce is an author that writes about energy. His newest book is Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy, and the Real Fuels of the Future. Bryce talked to me about wind energy and some of the problems with wind energy. Bryce [...]

Dr. Peter Wells is a Non-Executive director of Neftex. Neftex started earth modeling in 2003. The Neftex Earth Model now approaches full global coverage and has application to the Petroleum, Minerals, Finance, Groundwater and Publishing industries, and also to the emerging field of Carbon Capture and Storage. Wells talked to me, Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, [...]

“Someday, your work could be in our museum inspiring those who come after you. You are today’s pioneers, today’s risk takers.” Cristian Samper Acting Secretary, Smithsonian Institute Smithsonian Castle, Washington DC May 21, 2008 In May, 2004 Challenge X started a competition involving 17 university teams from the United States and Canada to improve fuel [...]

Eight different power sources and fuels propelled 35 cars around scenic Seneca Lake on July 6th in the 3rd Annual Green Grand Watkins Glen. This fully competitive Time-Speed Distance Road rally was co-hosted by the Glen Region Chapter of the Sports Car Club in Watkins Glen. According to Bob Gillespie, this is the only [...]

Dr. Frank Ochmann, Vice President BMW CleanEnergy talks about BMW’s commitment to clean energy. pp_flashembed( ‘powerpress_player_9427′, {src: ‘’, width: 320, height: 24, wmode: ‘transparent’ }, {config: { autoPlay: false, autoBuffering: false, initialScale: ‘scale’, showFullScreenButton: false, showMenu: false, videoFile: ‘′, loop: false, autoRewind: true } } );

William C. Ramsay, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA), discusses Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC)’s growth and national prosperity versus energy and emissions. Ramsay discusses nuclear power; the problems and what needs to be done to make it a viable energy for the United States.

William C. Ramsay, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA), explains what IEA is and how they influence energy consumption. Ramsay talks about getting off the dependence of gasoline, using diesel, hybrids, nuclear, ethanol, cellulosic ethanol and hydrogen. How will the world meet the world demand of energy?

President George W. Bush BushRenewable Fuels Association Speech Washington, D.C. April 25, 2006 THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Thanks for the warm welcome. John, thanks for the introduction. Thanks for the invitation to be here for the 16th annual Energy Efficiency Forum. It’s an important forum. By advancing the national dialogue on the future of [...]