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Steve Mason, Program manager for the Chevy SS talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about Chevrolet’s first V-8-powered, rear-drive performance sedan since 1996. The 2015 Chevy SS is based on a race-proven, global platform that underpins the Camaro, and, in Australia, the high-performance Holden VF Commodore. The lightweight aluminum hood and deck [...]

Jeff Luke, Executive Chief Engineer for General Motors, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about the new full size trucks coming out for 2015. The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado was named North American Truck of the Year so there are high expectations for the 2015 model. Luke talks about the 12th generation of [...]

Brian Smith, Exterior designer for the Cadillac CTS loves the way the exterior color crystal red looks on the 2014 Cadillac CTS. Smith talked about the 2014 Cadillac CTS-V sedan that can make 556 horsepower from a V-8 engine moving it from 0-60 in a blistering red 4.0 seconds. The curves of the CTS are [...]

David Leone, GM’s Chief Engineer for Cadillac talks to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about the 2014 Cadillac CTS V. What does the V designation mean for Cadillac? Cadillac has a new CTS 2.0 turbo and a 3.6-liter, a CTS-V and a CTS-V sport., with a twin-turbo V-6. What are the 0-60 on [...]

Harlan Charles, Chevy Corvette’s Product Manager talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about the 2014-2015 Chevy Corvette Convertible. What are some of the trick parts of the Corvette and why did Chevy put an Eco-mode in the first factory-built, ultra-high performance Corvette convertible? The 2015 Corvette Z06 convertible boasts 625 horsepower and [...]

Is Mary Barra following in Alan Mulally’s strategic footsteps?  on Driving the Nation

For five years of the time that Alan Mulally has been at Ford Motor Company, General Motors has been playing musical chairs with their Chief Executive Officers. Alan Mulally is about to retire from Ford as CEO and General Motors is just bringing in their first CEO to restructure the new General Motors. When Alan [...]

More recalls, a fine, and a consent order for General Motors on Driving the Nation

The best piece I have seen on the GM Recall has been done by CNBC’s Phil Lebeau, entitled, Failure to Recall: Investigating GM. The episode goes through the process of the ignition switch, the lives lost and how quickly they are fixing the problem. GM has said it will take until at least October, 2014 [...]

Head of General Motors design, Ed Welburn, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation on the Chevy Corvette Convertible unveiled before the 2014 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). What color would Welburn get if he got a Corvette Convertible? Listen as Welburn goes through each color of the Chevy Corvette convertible and [...]

Driving the Nation talks to Mark Reuss about the ignition switch recall at the 2014 New York International Auto show (NYIAS). The new switches have to be made. How is the process going? Has Delphi put a third line on yet? The repair will only take 90 minutes once the switch is in the hands [...]

Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation talked to General Motor’s Alan Batey, President GM N.A, at the 2014 New York auto show. Batey talks about the Chevy Trax, and the rear view camera will come out as standard. The Trax will have the ability to listen to 7 different devices with the new 4GLTE [...]