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Elaine Bannon, Chief Nameplate engineer, Lincoln Motor Company talks to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, What are the duties of a chief nameplate engineer? Bannon compares the Navigator to the Escalade.

Geneva Motor Show, Russia and Ukraine, Cars and gas on the John Batchelor radio show

Russia and the Ukraine are starting to seep into the Geneva Motor show discussions and there is concern about what will happen if this situation is not contained soon, if cooler heads do not prevail. European, American and Asian car makers are closely monitoring the “situation” in Ukraine. According to the Association of European Business [...]

Vice President of global design at Ford Motor company, Moray Callum

Moray Callum, Ford’s vice president of global design at Ford Motor company, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation at the 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Callum is responsible for global design, including the new Mustang that Europeans, and Americans alike, will be able to buy and drive starting in 2015. [...]

Jaguar’s design director, Ian Callum

Ian Callum, chief design director for Jaguar, has been the driving force behind the design and resurgence of the Jaguar brand. Callum has spent most his life designing sports cars. This year he is going into his brother’s, Moray Callum, Ford’s executive director of design, by designing SUVs. He is also going into Landrover’s territory. [...]

Ford’s President and CEO, Alan Mulally, on Ford’s future products

Alan Roger Mulally, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ford Motor Company. Mulally talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation, about Ford’s F-150 and other future products. The same high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloys already used in aerospace is, for the first time, being used throughout the F-150 body. Mulally says the F-150 [...]

Landrover’s Finbar McFall

Finbar McFall is Land Rover’s Vice President of Marketing in North America. At the 2013 Los Angeles auto show McFall talks about Jaguar and Landrover’s increasing marketshare. What accounts for the increase in sales? Are they conquest sales from other brands? Why doe it work so well to have Jaguar and Landrover owned by the [...]

Ford’s President of the Americas, Joe Hinrichs

At the 2013 Los Angeles auto show Joseph “Joe” R. Hinrichs, Executive Vice President and President of the Americas for Ford Motor Company talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about marketshare and brand loyalty. Hinrichs What is bringing Ford’s marketshare up? Ford used to own Aston Martin, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and [...]

By Jim Powell To quote Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of the Americas, “The 2015 Mustang is the purest- most modern… muscle car out there!” This is exactly Ford’s conundrum. How can a pure muscle car with power and performance attract their conquest buyers who are in their twenties and thirties without the elements that are [...]

Ford is charged up on vehicle to infrastructure for electric vehicles

Watch the video to see Ford’s Charged up Electric Vehicle-Readiness. Mike Tinskey, Ford’s manager of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, about VIH, vehicle-to-infrastructure. Ford is creating an awareness in the public to identify key infrastructure building blocks that will enable metropolitan areas to be EV ready. Ford considers infrastructure [...]

Concept car award winners: Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis, Ford Atlas, BMW i8 spyder

(Watch Ford Atlas’ designer, Gordon Platto, receive the Concept truck of the year award below) The overall winner of the 2013 concept car is the Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis. From amongst the segment winners in the Car, Truck and Production Preview categories, the Hyundai’s HCD-14 Genesis posted the highest overall score to earn the top award [...]