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Fuel-powered, electric or autonomous vehicles

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Samsung buys Harman for connecting in cars

When you go to car.harman.com a segmented car starts breathing; one section at a time the car pulses. If you click on the cloud that hovers over the […]

  • Ford Raptor

Silly Valley wine country slip sliding away

Good Morning Warren and Friends,

It’s been one wet week in Northern California! Yes, we need it, but we’re not used to it, and certainly not this much all […]

  • A 5-Series option for every Ultimate Driving buyer

A 5-Series option for every Ultimate Driving buyer

Fast, efficient, technological sound the 2017 BMW 5-Series will be offered in a completely redesigned sedan with more versions of the Ultimate Driving Machine than ever offered before. […]

  • EPA Pruitt casts shadow on Sunny California

EPA Pruitt casts shadow of doubt on Sunny California

Listen to John Batchelor radio show with Mary Kissel, Wall Street Journal, and Lou Ann Hammond talking about Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pruitt versus California Air Resources Board […]