Driving the 2014 Tesla S with a Tesla specialist on Driving the Nation

Tesla Motors has just announced they will be producing another vehicle, the Tesla 3 (or III) after the Tesla X. Superchargers are being opened up all over the continent, but we’re still getting to know the Tesla S. S for seductive.

Gary Calderon, Tesla product specialist took Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation for […]

Kia’s Orth Hedrick on the Kia Soul EV on Driving the Nation

Orth Hedrick, vice president of product planning, Kia Motors America, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about the Kia Soul EV that is scheduled to go on sale in the third quarter of 2014. The Kia Soul EV will be Kia’s first all-electric, zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) which will go on sale in […]

Bosch’s plugless power for Electric vehicles (EV)

Tanvir Arfi President & CEO Automotive Service Solutions Robert Bosch talks about the new plug less power Bosch is offering. Bosch has electric charging unit’s that you can plug into, but how cool is it that you can drive over a plate and the car will charge without plugging into anything?
Arfi talks about the […]

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Qualcomm’s CEO, Paul Jacobs, and the Formula-e at 2014 CES on Driving the Nation

Dr. Paul E. Jacobs is chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Qualcomm Incorporated. Jacobs talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV.

Qualcomm and the Fédération Internationale de lAutomobile (FIA), showed off their new Formula E (yes, as […]

Tesla Q3: Elon Musk; exploring options on battery plant with partners

Highlights from the Tesla Motors, Inc. “ Third Quarter 2013 Shareholder Letter
* Record 5,500 Model S deliveries
* Gross margin increased to 21% (non-GAAP) excluding ZEV credit’s
* Net income (non-GAAP-Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) of $16 million
* Major WW expansion of service centers, stores and Superchargers
* Cash balance nonetheless increased by $49 million to $796 million
* Ramping […]

Tesla; oops, I did it again! Another over-exaggeration

John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show, talks to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com about Tesla’s non-existent, over-exaggerated 5.4 star rating and selling in China.

According to Reuters, Zhan Baosheng, the businessman in the southern China province of Guangdong, owns the “Tesla” trademark in China, according to his agent who processed the papers […]

BMW’s Ludwig Willisch on the BMW i3 on Driving the Nation

BMW’s President and CEO, Ludwig Willisch, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com, about the BMW i3.

How are the BMW car dealers receiving this new electric lifestyle, the BMWi series?

Where is the BMW i3 made?

Will BMW dealers have charging unit’s at their dealerships? Will any electric vehicle be able to charge there […]

Will the BMW electronauts buy the BMW i3? on Driving the Nation

Jacob Harb, Head of Electric Vehicle Operations & Strategy, BMW of North America talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com about the BMW Electronauts and what BMW learned from them.

Harb is responsible for MINI-e, Active-e and BMW i.

How many of the Electronauts will be buying the BMW i3?

Will BMW sell the i3 […]

Ford is charged up on vehicle to infrastructure for electric vehicles

Watch the video to see Ford’s Charged up Electric Vehicle-Readiness. Mike Tinskey, Fords manager of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com about VIH, vehicle-to-infrastructure.

Ford is creating an awareness in the public to identify key infrastructure building blocks that will enable metropolitan areas to be EV ready.

Ford considers infrastructure development […]

BMW i3 – born electric, made with carbon fiber

The LifeDrive architecture concept was purpose-built specifically for the BMW i3. It is comprised of two modules; the Life Module, and the Drive Module. Think of the Life Module as the passenger cabin, or greenhouse. It is the first-ever mass produced Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) passenger cell in the automotive business, and is a […]