Rejected car dealers will affect you and your city!

I was watching CNBC today and they gave some interesting figures for the nation concerning automobiles:

The average sales per dealer is $334 million
Total sales for new cars is $693.3 billion
The auto sales percentage of total retail sales is 18 percent.
There are 20,770 new car dealers in the nation
According to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers the […]

Nick Reilly, GM Asia Pacific

Beijing, China – In the middle of the Beijing auto show Nick Reilly, head of GM Asia Pacific, set down for a roundtable talk with some journalists. Here are some highlights from his talk, plus a video of highlights:

Over the next decade, General Motors anticipates that vehicles sales in Asia Pacific will grow at a […]

Hummer HX concept unveil

Hummer HX concept unveil at the 2008 Detroit auto show

Winners and Losers Year-To-Date by sales and percentages

Untitled DocumentAll the talk is about the rivalry between the Big 3 and Toyota. Dig a little deeper and it’s not Toyota thats number one, nor General Motors that comes in last. These numbers come from J.D. Powers Power Information Network (PIN) and are Year-To-Date as […]


HUMMER H3 Alpha walk around

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