CA buying more Jeeps, but not Chevy, Fords or VWs; CA vs USA on Driving the Nation

California is the biggest market in the Nation. California makes up 11.1% of all sales of cars and light vehicles in the United States. It is the 8th largest economy in the world. California was the first state to institute emission standards and the standards it institutes today has an effect on the entire United [...]

Which vehicle would you vote for to achieve 2015 North American Truck/Utility of the Year and 015 North American Car of the Year? The list has been narrowed to the top 10 contenders by voting journalists from North America. The vehicles below will be voted on and one of them will be given the title [...]

Cadillac autonomy in 2017 and SAE standards on Driving the Nation

Two years ago at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Audi of America showed a group of journalist an Audi that could let you off in front of a hotel, and with programming on a smartphone, park itself,turn itself off and wait till you called it again to meet you at the front door. Google [...]

John Krsteski, Managing director of Hyundai North America Design, took Driving the Nation on a tour, inside and out, of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis at the National Media Event held in Phoenix, AZ. Krsteski talks about the exterior changes including the grille, the LED lights and fog lights. The fluid sculpture of the car is [...]

When I was a teenager I lived in Japan, a small island with a lot of people crammed into one area called Tokyo. Space was at a premium. If there was an empty space between the studs in the wall that could be made into a drawer or cupboard it was done. It was done [...]

MINI takes the States 2014 was a great event full of fun times and fun people, including the car that had the decal, I killed the clowns and stole their car. At the start of MTTS 2014 the cars rush out, horns blazing, hands waving, people smiling. Watch as the cars go by and the [...]

By Stephen Leahy Here’s the frightening implication of a landmark study on carbon emissions: By 2018, no new cars, homes, schools, factories, or electrical power plants should be built anywhere in the world, ever again, unless they’re either replacements for old ones or carbon neutral. Otherwise greenhouse gas emissions will push global warming past 2˚C [...]