Donald Trump, Presidential candidate, on cars and production of cars

Detroit News’ David Shepardson reports that “Trump disclosed in an interview with The Detroit News Wednesday that Ford CEO Mark Fields wrote to him explaining the automaker’s planned $2.5 billion investment in Mexico after Trump criticized Ford in June. And Trump suggested one way to stop automakers’ expansion to Mexico is by moving some production […]

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John Batchelor and auto sales in China on Driving the Nation

John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show, and Gordon Chang, Forbes, and Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation talk about BYD and Tesla,

BYD is a Chinese owned company, owned by the private entrepreneur Wang Chuanfu. Tesla is trying to break into the electric vehicle market in China. China heavily supports the […]

Merchants of Doubt film shows the politics of climate change on Driving the Nation

By Stephen Leahy

Who remembers that climate change was a top priority early in George W Bush’s first term as US president?

Merchants of Doubt, a new documentary film released in US cinemas this week, reminds us that in June 2001 Bush and the Republican party were 100% committed to curbing carbon emissions causing global warming.

Six […]

China, the United States = 35 percent of global carbon emissions on Driving the Nation

By Stephen Leahy

BONN, Oct 27 2014 (IPS) – China and the United States are responsible for 35 percent of global carbon emissions but could do their part to keep climate change to less than two degrees C by adopting best energy efficiency standards, a new analysis shows.

Although Chinas energy use has skyrocketed over the […]

John Kerry; We can’t prevent a large scale disaster unless¦ on Driving the Nation

UXBRIDGE, Canada, Nov 3 2014 (IPS) – “Greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are higher than ever, and were seeing more and more extreme weather and climate events….We cant prevent a large scale disaster if we dont heed this kind of hard science.”

Question: Is that statement about the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) […]

Less bug-spattered windshields are not a good thing on Driving the Nation

By Stephen Leahy

Scientists have linked both the collapse of bee populations and the stunning decline in bird and bat numbers to a new generation of insecticides called neonicotinoids. It gets worse: these widely-used nerve poisons are also considered the main cause of a general collapse of insect life since the mid 1990s. Bug-spattered windshields […]

Climate change produces poverty and hunger on Driving the Nation

Stephen Leahy

“You cant climb out of poverty if you have to rebuild your home every other year.” — Harjeet Singh

UXBRIDGE, Canada, Jul 22 2014 (IPS) – Extreme poverty and hunger can be eliminated, but only through far greater efforts to reduce carbon emissions that are overheating the planet and producing punishing droughts, catastrophic floods […]

Keystone XL’s Carbon Emissions 4 times higher than estimates on Driving the Nation

Stephen Leahy

The Keystone XL oil pipeline could put up to 110 million tons of additional climate-heating CO2 into the atmosphere every year for 50 years, according a study published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

If Keystone XL was a country, it’s 110 million tons of CO2 emissions would be comparable to those of the […]

Call for Moratorium on New Oilsands Until Climate, Environmental Impacts Assessed on Driving the Nation

By Stephen Leahy

A moratorium on any new oilsands expansion is imperative given Canadas failure to properly assess the total environmental and climate impacts Canadian and U.S. experts say in the prestigious science journal Nature.

Even with a moratorium it will be very difficult for Canada to meet it’s international promise to reduce CO2 emissions that […]

Is NHTSA about jobs or safety? Ray LaHood talks about his role, in 2012, as Secretary of Transportation

The Department of Transportation is an agency of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government. Inside of the Department of Transportation (DOT) is the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). Anthony Foxx is the current head of transportation, or DOT, thus he is the current head of NHTSA.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety […]