James Woolsey on earmarks

James Woolsey is an energy advisor for John McCain.

In September, 2008 Charlie Gibson interviewed Governor Sarah Palin. Gibson noted that Palin had requested money to study the mating habit’s of crabs and harbor-seals. This is the type of earmark that McCain has railed against. Palin said the specific requests had come through universities and other […]

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OPEC & alternative fuels on WABC radio

November, 11, 2007 –┬áJohn Batchelor and Lou Ann Hammond talk about the upcoming OPEC summit, the price of oil and gasoline and what the alternatives are for the future.

Gasoline: The Un-elected President

I would like to thank the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to address this distinguished audience. When I talk about getting off the dependence of oil on television and radio I am trying to educate my fellow Americans on a timeframe to release it’self from the stranglehold of foreign oil, but also the […]

OPEC holding out? Iranian wildcards, natural gas for autos, DOE R&D alternative fuel budget & Congressional budget earmarks

William C. Ramsay, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA), talks about Iran nuclear energy and their oil.

What is OPEC’s relationship with IEA and is OPEC holding back their reserves?

Do we want to use natural gas for cars when we need so much to heat our homes?

How important is the DOE budget for R&D for […]

IEA’s influence on energy consumption

William C. Ramsay, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA), explains what IEA is and how they influence energy consumption.

Ramsay talks about getting off the dependence of gasoline, using diesel, hybrids, nuclear, ethanol, cellulosic ethanol and hydrogen.

How will the world meet the world demand of energy?

Earmarks – where are your federal tax dollars going?

DOE earmarks Every year you go to work, get paid, do your taxes and send in the money you owe to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). That money is put into a pot (a very big pot), along with every other Americans taxes to run our government and fund our national defense. The money […]