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  • Natural Summit Fitness Ultimate Fitness Event UFE 2016 looks like Victoria's Secret edition

Natural Summit Fitness Event UFE 2016

While the United States just got through celebrating Thanksgiving by eating thousands of calories at one meal, a group of highly motivated body builders met in Toronto to […]

  • Quando Quando Quando - The Songaminute Man

A Son loves his Father; the Songaminute man

Simon McDermott loves his Dad, but his Father doesn’t always know that, or even know that Simon is his Son.

It’s the sad thing about Alzheimer’s disease; people can’t […]

  • Baton Rouge flood victim's Dry Pillow Diary

Baton Rouge flood victim’s Dry Pillow Diary

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for Steve Wheeler and his family. Wheeler is a journalist whose house has to be almost completely reconstructed after […]

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Bike to school, get food for free

One of the reasons people like Pokemon Go is it gets the couch potatoes off the sofa. It was about getting some exercise. Move over Pokemon Go; there’s […]