2020 Hyundai Venue new car review

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An entry-level SUV Hyundai is known for its quality at a fair price. Hyundai offers an entry-level sedan starting at $16,395. Like the majority of buyers, entry-level customers are switching to SUVs. Today, Hyundai is bringing out an entry-level SUV packed full of safety and technology starting at $17,350. Yes, $17,350. My young [...]

ADASKY CES 2020 heating up the car of the future

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Safety on the road Have you ever heard something said for the first time, and it made so much sense it struck you that it had never been said before? The words have swirled around in the universe since time began, but never quite put in that exact phrase? It’s the same with [...]

Cartica.ai at CES2020 Unsupervised learning

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Cartica.ai making the world safer faster Twelve years ago, we hired Austin, a 15-year-old that was flunking out of school? Why was he flunking out of school? Because he was so smart that school didn’t challenge him. After he started working for us, his grades went up. Why? Because public learning is all about organized [...]

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