BMW’s Ian Robertson unveils vehicles at IAA2017

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Ian Robertson, a Board member for BMW, stood in front of the world premiere of the BMW i Vision Dynamics and talked about the new models and concept vehicles at the IAA Cars 2017 show in Frankfurt am Main. This four-door Gran Coupe study with pure-electric drive system combines electric mobility with the BMW brand [...]

Harman Kardon Amazon Google – Listen to me

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The automated car is a vision to many, but many are working all aspects of the vehicle, including what to do in the car when you no longer have to drive. One of those companies is Harman Kardon. Inside more than 50 million automobiles on the road today you will find brands of Harman Kardon [...]

Cruising Chauffeur for emergency situations

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"We are working on the entire chain for autonomous driving," Dr. Oliver Fochler said as he drove the test vehicle around the track in Hannover, Germany. He talked about the software, sensors, actuators, what will the cars of tomorrow look like, what will autonomous cars need. We are going around the track, time after time, [...]

Amanda McLaren on her Father and McLaren cars

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I couldn’t be more proud, Amanda McLaren declared "It’s fabulous to be here, to be part of the team and part of McLaren Automotive." Amanda was just four years old when her father was killed in a testing accident at Goodwood in 1970. The place to be, to remember her Father after his tragic accident [...]