Carl Dietrich transitions from Terrafugia

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Dr. Carl Dietrich is leaving Terrafugia for parts unknown. It was a small post on Linkedin from Dietrich saying that after thirteen years he was leaving Terrafugia. Dietrich's Terrafugia was the first flying car that I reported on that was FAA certified. Carl Dietrich stepping down from Terrafugia From Terrafugia inception to Geely [...]

BMW 2 Series front-wheel-drive four door coupe

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Sporty, elegant, exclusive: The first BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Munich - BMW continues the current model offensive and announces innovative vehicle concept for the premium compact segment – world premiere in November 2019, worldwide market launch in the spring of 2020. BMW consistently continues to pursue the brand’s current model offensive while developing an [...]

2020 Cadillac CT5 Photos, Powertrain, ASMR video

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Cadillac revealed its first-ever CT5 sedan with a social media campaign designed to stimulate the senses using autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR. I'm saving you here; the video is eight seconds long. I had a couple of friends listen to the video without watching it, and this is what they [...]

The Devil’s in the distillery

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The Devil's in the distillery Nestled in the little town of Mammoth, California 8,181 feet high above the sea it is 10 am and John Mendel is sipping on a bourbon. The rest of the novel could be a bad Shakespeare play or a Hemingway novel; a man retired from an automotive job that took [...]