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Wright Brother descendants celebrate at Henry Ford museum

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Descendants of Wright brothers and Henry Ford to unveil historic plane at Henry Ford museum Today marks history for automotive and aviation enthusiasts alike. The worlds only authentic reproduction of the Wright brothers 1903 Flyer will be installed at Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan - marking how mass air and land travel [...]

A Porsche could be yours for $100

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FOR $100 YOU COULD BE SITTING PRETTY Your donation to the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses will help many families in need “ and give you a chance to win a sleek new Porsche.Talk about fast results “ buy a raffle ticket for $100, and in no time, you could be driving a GT Silver Metallic [...]

Underground Coal Gasification

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Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) I was reading John Kerrys democratic platform that concerned the environment and automobiles. In the document Kerry called for increasing use of coal. Instantly, I thought, boy if that isnt a political ploy to try to get more votes from the coal ridden states. Then I talked to Ray Smith at [...]

Alternative Era on Batchelor radio show

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The Alternative Era We didn't get out of the stoneage because we were out of stones. We don't have to be out of oil to stop the dependence. It's time to move on. This is the beginning of alternatives for oil. There will be more alternatives and in 10-20 years we will probably [...]

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