hybrid options John Batchelor radio show

Hybrids for sale August 14, 2004 - Lou Ann Hammond discusses hybrid vehicle options for the consumer now and in the future with syndicated ABC radio network host John Batchelor. 152,600 hybrids were produced in 2005, saving 22,576,900 gallons of gas next year. If the gasoline counterpart to these ten vehicles ( total [...]

Honda Advanced Humanoid Robot

humanoid robot Twenty years after Honda decided to pursue its dream of developing a humanoid robot, "ASIMO," the world's most advanced humanoid robot, today made its first appearance in the United States. At a unique bell-ringing ceremony, ASIMO opened trading in recognition of the 25th anniversary of Hondas stock listing on the New York Stock [...]

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GM, Ford New front-wheel-drive plant

GM, Ford announces $720 million investment to build all-new front-wheel-drive transmission Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corp., two of the world's largest automakers, today jointly announced a $720 million investment in their plants to build an all-new, fuel-saving, 6-speed front-wheel-drive (FWD) automatic transmission. More than 1,100 jobs will be retained as a result. The [...]

Fujis Bridgestone fin tale

Bridgestone races to the rescue Some of the most heartwrenching stories are the stories where someone has volunteered their time and resources to help a person that otherwise would be affected by their illness for life. We are even more touched when we hear of people helping our helpless furry four-legged friends live a better [...]

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2004 Cannonball one lap of America

2004 Subaru WRX STi Andrew and Adam Firestone to drive praxis-equipped Subaru WRX STi in 2004 Cannonball one lap of America Andrew and Adam Firestone will showcase the performance capabilities of the Praxis adjustable air-suspension system in the 2004 Tire Rack Cannonball One Lap of America, presented by Car and Driver. The brothers will compete [...]

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The greenest Democratic Convention ever

Combatting climate change “Democrats have regularly promoted renewable energy, recycling mass transportation, and reducing pollution that leads to global warming,” said Bruce Hamilton, National Conservation Director of the Sierra Club. Convention organizers are powering the meeting with renewable energy, supplied by Constellation New Energy (a subsidiary of Constellation Energy Group, a Baltimore-based Fortune 500 national [...]

Pumping it up with Schwarzenegger and Lutz

California's Hydrogen Highway General Motors has adapted a HUMMER H2 SUT to run on hydrogen and will share it with the office of the Governor of California. No, Arnie can't buy it. The H2H is not a production model; it will assist efforts to learn more about hydrogen storage and refueling infrastructure development. Funny they [...]

Kerry vs. Bush – what if Kerry became President?

What if Kerry became President? What effect would it have on the automotive industry if Kerry became President? Every person -whether they were voting for Bush or Kerry - in each corporation I spoke with told me that they were " policy-neutral". After questioning - off the record - they would say, " We have [...]

Governator conquest of the RNC in NY

2004 Republican National Convention On Tuesday Arnold Schwarzenegger will address the 2004 Republican National Convention at Madison Square Gardens in New York City, New York. Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for many things; he's a superstar that rides around in massive diesel spewing machines, blowing up bad guys. He is also known as the actor that [...]

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