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Lunch with CEO Edouard Michelin

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Lunch with Edouard Michelin December 5, 2005 – The 18-wheeler is going the way of the dinosaur. Difficult to believe those long-haul vehicles that put on over 130,000 miles per year, averaging 6 mpg and use 18-wheels to haul everything in your entire house are going away, but they are. And the happiest company to [...]

Fisker Coachworks sports car company

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FISKER AND KOEHLER LAUNCH NEW AMERICAN BUILT LUXURY SPORTS CAR COMPANY IN CALIFORNIA: FISKER COACHBUILD, LLC. Put your bid in now to Cristina Cheever, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Fisker Coachbuild. You will want to attend the year-end gala of 2005 when Henrik Fisker and Bernard Kohler have their first public unveiling of [...]

Edelbrock: Made in the USA

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TORRANCE, Calif. (Apr. 26, 2005) From the board tracks to the dry lakes, to the modern manufacturing facilities of Edelbrock Corporation today, this beautiful, hard bound book tells the history of the performance aftermarket industry as it unfolds around Vic Edelbrock Sr. and many other pioneers of performance. Names like Wally Parks, Alex Xydias, Ed [...]

VW Scholastic and Fuse helps save lives

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AUBURN HILLS, Mich. Volkswagen of America, Inc., and Scholastic are asking you to get involved and possibly save lives in the process. Tonight, Volkswagen kicks off voting for Fasten Your Seat Belt. Go Far!, a nationwide program that challenges teens to create TV ads that try to persuade their peers to buckle up. Three finalists, [...]

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