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Volkswagen Challenges Teens

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Students Create PSAs for National High School Initiative, National Broadcast AUBURN HILLS, Mich. Every year, over 5,000 teenagers die in automobile crashes. Nothing takes more young lives “ not drinking, not drugs, not suicide. Perhaps the greatest tragedy is that many of these deaths could be prevented: Up to 57 percent of these teens are [...]

Tirerack Fathers day gifts

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Feed His Automotive Cravings This Fathers Day: Gift Ideas From The Tire Rack SOUTH BEND, Indiana. (JUNE 8, 2005) If a father you know has gasoline running through his veins nothing would make him happier than a tool, toy or accessory to feed his passion. The Tire Rack, the country's largest direct source for tires, [...]

The Return of the Muscle Car;The Return of a Dream

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"Little GTO, youre really lookin fine Three deuces and a four speed and 389 Listen to her tackin up now, Listen to her why”ee”eye”ine Cmon and turn it, wind it up, blow it out, GTO" ” Ronnie and the Daytonas The Return of the Muscle Car; The Return of the Dream By Lou Ann Hammond [...]

The Big Book of Car Culture

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While countless books are devoted to unique roadside culture and car-related subjects, none have addressed in one volume American pop culture's love affair with the automobile. But what is that love affair, if not an expanse of fond memories and compelling kitsch as vast as the nation itself? This smorgasbord offers discriminating readers a tasty [...]

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