Sowerby’s Road, Adventures of a driven mind.

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Join Sowerby through 25 years of motoring mania. Partying all night with a Giant and a Brain. Tying his delirious partner to his seat on a flight over the Iran-Iraq war. Trying to outdrive the clock on a race around the world. Regularly driving for 6 hours to and from dental appointments. Narrowly escaping bandit [...]

Job Banks – Protecting the people, not the jobs

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"What makes you think this group of Executives have any ability to make cars that will sell? Fire Rick - Fire John - Fire them all. Not only have they ripped off the unions, they have ripped off the shareholders and the customers in many cases" Sean McAlinden, Chief Economist and Vice President, Research, Center [...]

General Motors SUVs and Fuel Cells

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The large Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment sales have been diminishing, yet General Motors brought out their new "GMT 900" for 2007, Why? The large SUV segment is incredibly profitably for General Motors. General Motors has been slow getting to the hybrid market, saying instead that fuel cells are the way. GM has spent billions [...]

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