Lexus gaining marketshare globally

Lexus is the big winner When most people think of Toyota gaining marketshare, they think it will be through sales in the United States, mainly through hybrids It won't be just by selling hybrids, though they will sell plenty of those. The push will be by taking their luxury brand, Lexus, to Japan. Lexus sales [...]

GM shuts plants – adds more people to job banks

Adding more workers to the job banks According to General Motors, they will close 8 plants, reduce production at 3 plants, close 2 parts centers, and convert one parts center into a crash parts warehouse. This will result in a reduction of 30,000 North American hourly jobs by the end of 2008 and an estimated [...]

Fiat and Ford sign an agreement

Another merger in the works TURIN, Italy and COLOGNE, Germany, Nov. 7, 2005 -- The Automobile Sector of Fiat Group and Ford Motor Company announced today they have signed a definitive agreement to co-operate on the joint development and production of vehicles in the European small car (sub-B) segment. The outcome of this exciting project [...]

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Consumer Reports Reliability ratings

Cars ranked by reliability Every year Consumer Reports tracks reliability from their readers. Consumer Reports is the only company that buys all of its own vehicles and does all its own testing. Everyone knows that American vehicles, in the past, have had a reliability problem, but some domestic cars faired well in the reliability category, [...]

Hydrogen Road Rally – 2005

California Fuel Cell Partnership Join the California Fuel Cell Partnership for the 4th annual Road Rally! Come see fuel cell vehicles and technology displays at numerous locations around the Bay Area during the three-day event. This year's Road Rally, "Fueling the Future," focuses on the hydrogen fueling stations around the San Francisco Bay. You can [...]

Hydrogen Model Car

Munich hydrogen Project group at Ingolstadt UAS works with BMW engineers to build model vehicles - including the powerful hydrogen internal combustion engine. The hydrogen internal combustion engine is not only suitable for cars the size of the BMW 7 Series - it is efficient on a small scale, too. Proof of this has been [...]

GM Sequel Hydrogen concept Honda Phill

General Motor's HydroGen3 Hydrogen cars are exploding, at least figuratively, onto the automaker's pedestal reveals this week in Detroit. General Motors is unveiling the Sequel, an eleven-inch skateboard that precedes the HydroGen3 in performance, acceleration, and drivability. All other Manufacturers have had batteries in their vehicles. General Motors had one in the HydroGen2, but not [...]

Ford applauds Hydrogen commitment by Bush

100 hydrogen Fords Ford producing up to 100 hydrogen-powered E-450 shuttles for use in 2006 FORD APPLAUDS THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION COMMITMENT TO HYDROGEN VEHICLE TECHNOLOGIES We are actively developing four alternative-fuel technologies: gasoline-electric hybrids, clean diesel, hydrogen internal combustion engines, and hydrogen fuel cells. Ford Motor Company applauded President Bush's announcement today of $64 million [...]

Incentives for hybrids

Money-back to buy hybrids As of July 31, 2005, over 100,000 hybrids have been sold in 2005, the most in one year yet. We also have the most hybrids available in one year; Honda Insight Toyota Prius Honda Civic Ford Escape Honda Accord Lexus RX 400h Toyota Highlander Mercury Mariner Whether one buys the hybrid [...]

Hybrids; past, present and future

Hybrids of America We keep hearing how many hybrids are being sold and how many are coming out. The first Honda Insight was sold until July of 2005. Since then 311,718 hybrids have been sold. Hybrids currently available on the market, along with how many have been sold since their inception are; Ford: (11,795) Ford [...]