Hybrids versus conventional cars in 2005

hybrids and non-hybrids How many hybrids are available for 2005? Do they get better mileage, how much do they cost? Any deals/incentives on them? How much gas would we save annually if the counterpart non-hybrid vehicles were all hybrids? Deciding to purchase a hybrid vehicle (HEV) doesn't have to mean giving up practicality, even if [...]

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Hybrid Taxis

Clean Air Taxis Act New York, NY (Nov. 10, 2005)” The greening of the iconic New York yellow taxi officially begins at 11 a.m. on Thursday as New Yorkers meet the first mini-fleet of hybrid taxicabs “ six Ford Escape Hybrids. Ford was the first American auto manufacturer to introduce a hybrid vehicle. The historic [...]

BMW K 1200 S sets record in Bonneville

BMW K 1200 S Woodcliff Lake, NJ - November 8, 2005... A 2006 production model BMW K 1200 S has set a world land speed record in the 1000 - 1350 cc stock, partially streamlined, naturally aspirated motorcycle class at Utah's famed Bonneville Salt Flats. The motorcycle, piloted by 56-year-old Andy Sills, of San Francisco, [...]

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2005 Automobile October sales

The big picture The numbers are bad for the auto industry. The decrease in sales from October 2004 to October 2005 is 14.1 percent. Depending on which industry analyst you talk to, the numbers differ. The reason is their reasoning. Some analysts don't include Mercedes with DaimlerChrysler, or PAG with Ford. I am using J.D. [...]