Dave Hermance’s legacy on Driving the Nation

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Dave Hermance was a colleague and a very good friend. He and my husband, Stretch, talked airplanes everytime they got together. Dave was into acrobatic aircraft, Stretch built a thorp T-18 homebuilt. This was one of Dave's last speeches, at the zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) symposium. The video wasn't great, so I've made the speech [...]

Bob Lutz “Parade for Progress” of hybrids was slow

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Bob Lutz of GM talks to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO and editor-in-chief of carlist.com, about the history of Hybrid, and Hydrogen technology at General Motors Corp. Lutz says in this interview, "We spent $3 billion in advertising in the United States and we don't get anywhere, a tenth, of what Toyota lost on the hybrids" [...]

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