Usage based road use fees

The Inilex "Kepler Advantage" device Global Position Satellites (GPS) are becoming more and more common in cars. Some systems use them for navigating in unknown territories, some for tracking traffic and reporting it to you, so that you can change your route before you get caught in the Highway to Hell. Another tracking device, The [...]

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Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Center USA

Michael F. Kunz, Manager, Mercedes-Benz Classic Center USA, talks about the Mercedes-Benz Center USA, in Irving California. According to the Classic Center website: The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, California, is the ideal place for owners, collectors, and enthusiasts to connect with this legendary brand. In addition to meticulously restoring and selling classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles, [...]

Gorden Wagener on the Ocean drive concept

2007 - Gorden Wagener, President Mercedes-Benz, Advanced Design of North America, drove Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, and, in his newest concept, the Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive. Is this the precursor to the Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive that will debut at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance? What did Wagener think about when designing the Ocean Drive? Will [...]

Dr. Klaus Scheuerer, Representative of the BMW AG Board for Traffic and Enviroment

Dr. Klaus Scheuerer, Representative of the BMW AG Board for Traffic and Enviroment, talks about wether the United States or Europe are ahead of the hydrogen market, and what is needed to turn it into a mainstream concept.  We're in Berlin, Germany, driving the hydrogen 7-series internal combustion engine.