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Who decides the cost of gasoline?

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Who decides the cost of gasoline? One, one thousand. In the second that it took you to read that the United States of America used 4,611 gallons of gasoline. That's right, we are consuming over 4,600 gallons of gasoline a second. We consume over 10,300 gallons of oil and petroleum product a second. And we [...]

fat to fuel; She drives me crazy!

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Tyson Foods and Syntroleum Companies today announced the formation of Dynamic Fuels LLC to build United States first commercial synthetic fuels plant targeting the renewable diesel, jet and military fuel markets. Line up Ladies! for god and country: finally! fat to renewable diesel fuel 550 million pounds of fat turned into renewable diesel fuel. Liposuction [...]

Tracking Industrial Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions

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From the International Energy Agency (IEA) Paris, 25 June 2007 New Comprehensive Overview of World Industrial Energy Efficiency and CO2 Intensity “Manufacturing industries in OECD countries have made great progress in energy efficiency during the last 25 years, but important opportunities to reduce emissions remain,” said Claude Mandil, Executive Director of the Paris-based International Energy [...]

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