Green with gasoline

You Can Be 'Green' with Gasoline, Says NADAguides COSTA MESA, Calif., July 19 -- Everybody is going green these days, especially in the automotive world. Hybrid Cars (or Green Cars as they're commonly known) are typically powered by a combination of gasoline engines and electric motors. At certain times, the electric motor "takes over", reducing [...]

Going green – Do people care?

Do people care? “Opec yesterday warned western countries that their efforts to develop biofuels as an alternative energy source to combat climate change risked driving the price of oil through the roof” Abdalla El-Badri, secretary-general of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Financial Times, Wednesday, June 6, 2007 The nation oil refiners were [...]

Will Crude Oil Prices Reach $80?

Will Crude Oil Prices Reach $80? Published by the Energy Information Administration July 18, 2007 The price of crude oil has risen considerably since the beginning of the year, with the near-month futures price of light, sweet crude oil traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) reaching $75 per barrel at one point during [...]


Big 3 Lag Behind Other Automakers Despite Earlier Promises to Improve Washington, DC -- U.S. auto makers failed to improve fuel economy in response to gas prices that have been rising since 2000, according to a new Consumer Federation of America (CFA) report. Despite promises made in 2001, as gas prices escalated, automakers actually decreased [...]

2008 Ford Escape Mercury Mariner

Eric Loeffler, chief engineer for Ford Motor Co., talks about the all new 2008 Ford Escape Mercury Mariner. Many new features make up the 08 model, such as; all new sheet metal exterior, power steering, and ice blue dash lighting. Fuel economy has also gone up, with help from a more aerodynamic design, [...]

Ford Mustang and the all-new 2008 Shelby GT

Ford Mustang and the all-new 2008 Shelby GT Paul Randell, Chief Engineer, Ford Mustang, talks about the all-new 2008 Shelby GT.  The 2008 comes in either Coupe or Convertible models.  The 2008 features addons from the base model, such as it being lowered, and the tighter suspension for better handling.  The 2008 also gets a [...]

Green Grand Prix July 6th, 2007

Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen Eight different power sources and fuels propelled 35 cars around scenic Seneca Lake on July 6th in the 3rd Annual Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. This fully competitive Time-Speed Distance Road rally was co-hosted by the Glen Region Chapter of the Sports Car Club in Watkins Glen. According [...]

Mustangs and Shelbys on Driving the Nation

Paul Randell, Chief Engineer, Ford Mustang, talks about both the 2008 V6 Manual Convertible Mustang, and the Ford Shelby GT. The V6, gets 210 HP, and is intended to be a bit less sport, and more casual, then other models. The V6 has a mid level interior and pricing starts and $23,000. The GT is [...]

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