Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

[source:White House] President Bush Signs Energy Bill To Improve Fuel Economy And Reduce Oil Dependence Today, President Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which will improve vehicle fuel economy and help reduce U.S. dependence on oil.The bill the President signed today responds to the challenge of his bold "Twenty in Ten" [...]

Ford’s Advanced Battery Technology

Ted J. Miller, Technical Leader, Advanced Battery Technology, Research, and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company, Sustainable Mobility Technologies Lab I explains and demonstrates current nickel-metal hydride, and developing lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technologies versus the challenges of a plug-in electric vehicle. Ford's goal is a 10-12 kilowatt hours battery equaling 25-30 miles of electric driving range. [...]

Sherif Marakby, Ford chief HEV engineer

Sherif Marakby, chief engineer, global core HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) propulsion system engineer in Ford's Sustainable Mobility Technology Lab II explaining the 20 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) Escape test models that will be used by Southern California Edison.

Mujeeb I. Ijaz Fuel Cell Vehicle Engineering

Ford's hydrogen highway Mujeeb I. Ijaz, Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicle Engineering, Research, and Advanced Engineering, walks through Ford's Sustainable Mobility Technologies Lab 1 demonstrating fuel cell stack component for a test Ford Focus (50 miles per kilogram energy consumption,) and a test Explorer (35 miles per kilogram energy consumption) with a 10 US gallon equivalent [...]

Brazil’s energy Autoline Detroit John McElroy

Brazil's energy Lou Ann Hammond discusses Brazil's energy with Autoline Detroit John McElroy. Dec 17, 2007 - Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, & discusses Brazil's energy with Autoline Detroit John McElroy. welcome to my talk right now with Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, &, great to have your back on the show. 0:07 [...]

Jon Lauckner, VP, Global program management GM

Saturn and Zero-emission vehicles Jon Lauckner, VP, Global program management GM talks about Saturn and zero-emission vehicles.

Diamond bits are a Brazilians best friend

Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 24, 2007 - I was in Sao Paulo for four days, meeting automotive executives and heads of state, and attending a party with some Brazilian journalists and economists. Brazil is well known for its ethanol, but in the last month, they have announced that they have found oil. What will this [...]