TodayApril 17, 2022

2008 Ford Features and Technology

Come watch some new 2008 Ford Features and Technology. Some of the new features for 2008 include:

Capless Fuel Filler “ Never lose your gas cap again. The 2008 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer feature a capless fuel filler “ an innovative technology that was first available on the Ford GT. It not only eliminates the inconvenience of forgetting to put the gas cap back on after fueling, but also saves time during refueling by doing away with unscrewing and replacing a fuel filler cap. The system could prove to benefit the environment as well. The capless fuel system provides a much better seal than a cap, as it isn’t opened until the fuel pump nozzle is inserted. When capless fueling is completed, the nozzle is removed and the system seals shut automatically.

  • Rearview Camera System “ This feature, available on the 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty, F-150, Expedition, Lincoln Mark LT and Navigator, provides the driver with a clear, wide-angle, bumper-to-bumper view of the area behind the vehicle. It gives truckers who tow the visibility they need to back up to their trailer and line up precisely to hook up the hitch. The system is mounted in the tailgate handle bezel and activated when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. The video image of whats behind the vehicle is displayed in the left corner of the self-dimming rearview mirror, a natural place for the driver to look while in reverse.The screen includes handy colored guide lines as well as an industry-first centerline so the driver has a better perspective of the vehicles periphery and center point when parking. Guides display the intended path, changing with the vehicles steering movements. A portion of the bumper and/or hitch also is included in the image, giving the driver a clear viewpoint of the vehicles back boundary. The screen only appears in the rearview mirror when the vehicle is shifted in reverse.

    and a noise reducing mirror – To combat wind noise, side mirrors were made smaller and given a more aerodynamic shape for less turbulence.

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