TodayMay 9, 2022

2008 Saab 9-3

On blog: Saab has three new models that will hit the showrooms in September; a sedan (4-cyl, starting at $28,385; 6-cyl starting at $35,365), a convertible (4-cyl starting at $39,710; 6-cyl starting at $45,665) and a station wagon they call a SportCombi (4-cyl starting at $29,630; 6-cyl starting at $36,265).

All three come in a 2.0T (as in turbo), 4-cylinder (210 horsepower and 221 torque), or an Aero 6-cylinder (255 horsepower and 258 torque for a front-wheel-drive; 280 horsepower and 295 torque for all-wheel drive).

Saab’s new marketing campaign says they were “born from jets”, but anyone who knows Saab knows that Saab is known for a great 4-banger with a turbo and low-end torque. Put a little mouse motor in a car that is sweetly tuned and gives me a great power-to-weight ratio and I’ll take that 4-cylinder turbo over a 6-cylinder any day. Why? It’s less expensive, gets better gas mileage and nobody does a 4-cylinder better than Saab.

Lou Ann Hammond

Lou Ann Hammond is the CEO of Carlist and Driving the Nation. She is the co-host of Real Wheels Washington Post carchat every Friday morning and is the Automotive, energy correspondent for The John Batchelor Show and a Contributor to Automotive Electronics magazine headquartered in Korea. Hammond is a founding member of the Women's World Car of the Year #WWCOTY, and board member of the Women in Automotive.

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