The changing faces of luxury cars

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I've been waiting for today. My esthetician, Veronica, finally got back from France visiting her relatives. To me, Veronica is not a luxury, she is a necessity. While Veronica was working on my face I asked her about her trip. She talked about how conscientious the French were of the names on clothes and accessories. [...]

What is Ecoboost?

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What is Ecoboost? "How do you tell people that you're going to sell them a smaller displacement engine for more money?" Sue Cischke, Fords vice president for Sustainability, Environment, and Safety Engineering, Ninety-eight percent of America's cars run on gasoline. While there is the desire to move to other fuels and technologies that has not [...]

Susan Docherty, V.P., Buick, Pontiac, GMC

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Susan Docherty is the North American Vice President of Buick-Pontiac-GMC. If General Motors, in particular Buick and GMC, survive Susan Docherty will be one of the people to thank. Docherty and her group spent 23 hours a day during the bankruptcy, working. The TARP fund group would ask for information one day and Docherty's group [...]

Mark Fields, Ford, hyper-miling

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Mark Fields is executive vice president, Ford Motor Company, and president, The Americas. We're at the Ford Product Development Center in Dearborn, MI. I challenged Fields to try to beat my average miles per gallon on the track in a 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid. Watch and see who wins and what the average mpg for [...]

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