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Gene Brown, V.P. of Marketing and Public Relations for Suzuki

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Times are tough for all car companies. How is Suzuki doing? Gene Brown, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Suzuki talks about Suzuki on a global level. Suzuki is a global player. They sold 2.3 million cars globally last year. They were one of two Japanese car companies that were profitable last year. [...]

Stefan Utsch, project manager, 2010 Porsche Panamera

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Stefan Utsch is the project manager for the Porsche Panamera. Dr. Utsch joined us in Elkhart Lake at Road America, Wisconsin. Why did Porsche decide to bring out a 4-door sedan? Watch the Porsche in motion as you listen to Utsch talk about  the 3 models and the fuel efficiencies of the Porsche Panamera.

Stefan Jacoby, CEO, Volkswagen of America

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In 1969 Walter Cronkite called Chattanooga, TN the dirtiest city in America. By 2011 Volkswagen will be producing a new four-door midsize car (code name NMS). According to Jacoby the NMS will replace the Passat. More than half of the companies involved in the project are based in Tennessee. The new Volkswagen production facility will [...]

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