John DeCicco, University of Michigan

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John M. DeCicco Senior Lecturer, University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment Carlist was at an event held by BMW Corporation, where DeCicco talked about CO2 emissions. DeCicco talked about CO2 and had some great slides to illustrate the importance of decreasing CO2 emissions. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA),in 2005, about [...]

Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company, on the Ford Fiesta

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Mark Fields is executive vice president, Ford Motor Company, and president, The Americas. Back in 2004 I wrote an article on Fields when he was put in charge of Fords Premier Auto Group (PAG). Back then Ford's President and COO, Nick Scheele, said of Fields, "Mark is adept at bringing people together and helping them [...]

Michelin launches LTX M/S2

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Just as Hurricane Ida was bearing down on the states we were driving into the storm on the new Michelin LTX M/S2s. Michelin gave us a Ford Expedition with four brand new spanking LTX M/S2s, the type of vehicle made for these tires. We departed the Grand Bohemian, which is on the outskirts of the [...]

Tomas Greger talks about the BMW X6 active hybrid

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The best part about this 2010 BMW X6 active hybrid? The shut-off feature. When the driver gets out of the car and shuts the door, the car shuts off. That's right, completely off. The reason, says Tomas Greger, a member of the BMW X6 active hybrid team, is safety. People have gotten out of their [...]