Women’s world car of the year (WWCOTY) awards in London, England

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Nikki Rooke was the presenter at the award ceremony. Rooke is the head of communications for the Society of Motor Manufactureres & Traders (SMMT), London, England. Singer Camilla Kerslake graced WWCOTY with her song, "Rule the World". Kerslake has sung for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at Buckingham Palace. She is signed with [...]

Rolls-Royce: The making of the ghost

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People who see a Rolls-Royce on the road stop and look. Traffic practically stopped when we were picked up at the airport in a Rolls-Royce. When someone wants to compare their product to the best they say, “it is the Rolls-Royce of…” Rolls-Royce has brought back an iconic name from the past. The Silver Ghost [...]

The Hands of Goodwood: The pin-stripe, or coachline, painted on a Rolls-Royce

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Mark Court is the only person that can paint the pinstripe on a Rolls-Royce. Court says the hardest part about painting the pinstripe was getting over the fact that the car is “6 meters long and costs over 250,000 Euros ($360,000).” Mr. Court makes the three-hour process sound easy, but his apprenticeship to learn how [...]

Rolls-Royce: The Hands of Goodwood

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The Hands of Goodwood When I was in my teens my friend Ruthie would work all day in her basement creating art. Her hands were dry, her fingers cracked, her nails jagged.  Ruthie's art was created by hand. A true artisan works with their hands. Ruthie is best-known for her wire crochet sculptures, but if [...]