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Chevrolet Volt pricing announced at Plugin 2010 conference

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Tony Pasowatz was the first employee to be hired by General Motors to work on the Chevy Volt, back in 2006. Pasowatz talks about the pricing for the Volt, and the charging. How many Utility companies is Chevy working with to bring this new energy sourced vehicle to market? Is Chevy worried about software hackers?

Larry Kudlow & John Batchelor, Chevy Volt, Ford profits, GM China

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Topics of discussion General Motors just announced the Chevy Volt range extender price: $41,000 including destination and handling. The lease price $349 a month (with $2,500 down) is the same as the pure electric Nissan Leaf. What is a range extender compared to a pure electric car? GM China is making money with the Buick. [...]

Co-founder Tesla working for Volkswagen ERL

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You can take a person's job away from them, but you can't take away their intelligence. Tesla Motors was incorporated in Delaware on July 1, 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Back in 2006 I interviewed Martin Eberhard on the John Batchelor radio show. Eberhard was CEO and co-founder of Tesla motors. Eberhard was [...]

Ford Curve Control technology

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When you think of software and geeks you think of companies like Apple and Microsoft. If Todd Brown and Dan Eisele have their way, youre going to widen your swath of software geeks to include them. Brown was the managing engineer for Fords Brake Stability Control (BSC), helping to create and integrate Electronic Stability Control [...]

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