Wolfgang Hatz on VW & Audi Electric vehicles

I met up with Wolfgang Hatz, Vice President of Powertrains for Volkswagen AG in San Francisco, CA. We talked about gasoline and diesel engines and what the plans are for the future of both. What about hybrids? We know about the Audi E-tron, what other electric vehicles are coming to market. What about the E-up, [...]

Efficient Drivetrain (EDI) at the 2010 Plug-in conference

Joerg Ferchau, CEO of Efficient Drivetrain (EDI) talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com, at the 2010 Plug-in conference in San Jose, CA. EDI makes transmissions more efficient with better power to weight ratio. How do they do this? Most car companies don't have CVT with battery electric vehicles, so EDI is looking for customers. [...]

2011 Nissan Leaf details at the 2010 plug-in conference

Mark Perry, Nissans North American director of EV and Advanced Technology, was at the 2010 Plug-in conference in San Jose, CA. We asked Perry why Nissan decided on a 100 mile range. How long does it take to fully charge a Nissan Leaf using a 110 (level 1 charger? a level 2 charger? What is [...]

2011 Nissan Leaf plugin electric vehicle

2010 Plug-in conference Mark Perry, Nissan's North American director of EV and Advanced Technology, was at the 2010 Plug-in conference in San Jose, CA. We asked Perry why there were no vents for cooling the battery for the Nissan Leaf. What type of battery is it? Perry shows us the battery and how it is [...]

Killing Mercury – buying GM stock, or Ford

Killing the Mercury brand 71-year old Mercury is being killed off. Why? Oldsmobile cost General Motors about a billion dollars to close. How much will it cost Ford to close Mercury? These are questions that need to be answered when you are allowed a certain amount of money in stock and you have to decide [...]

Gordon Chang, Forbes and John Batchelor radio show on Volvo/Geely

Gordon Chang, Forbes and John Batchelor of the John Batchelor radio show talk about Geely's volvo. Does it matter that Volvos will be made in China? Mercedes-Benz is made in China and exported to Europe. That has not hurt Mercedes-Benz sales. Volvo is using safety, but Geely will have to license those patents from Ford. [...]

Michael Sprague, Vice President, Marketing, KIA

We're in San Francisco, CA with Michael Sprague, Vice President of Marketing for Kia Motors. Kia is bringing out the refreshed Sportage, which Sprague talks about. He also talks about the truck and cars sales for July, 2010. How many trucks and cars does Kia have? Why are truck sales better than car sales for [...]

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Walter Sacki on the Kia Sportage’s Magna Powertrain

2010 Kia Sportage The Kia Sportage is utilizing the Magna Powertrain on its all-wheel-drive Kia Sportage. Here is Walter Sacki talking about the Magna Powertrain. The unit is on the rear axle drive and is known as Dynamax. The unit allows for better curve control and a sportier feel. Watch the demo video as Walter [...]

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JC Pavone on designing the Volkswagen Jetta

Twin car designers designing for VW JC Pavone and Marco are twin brothers. They are both designers for Volkswagen. Pavone talks about his childhood and what brought him and Marco to design for Volkswagen. When they were twelve-years-old, living in Brazil, the Pavones sent a letter to the head of Brazil of design. He responded [...]

Nancy Gioia, Ford, at the 2010 plug-conference

Nancy Lee Gioia is Ford Motor Companys director of Global Electrification. What does Ford have coming out before 2012? What is their definition of electrification? The Transit connect, the focus electric, a plug-in electric based on the focus plus lots more hybrids. Why not range extenders? What percentage of total marketshare does electric vehicles have [...]