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Who killed the electric motorcycle?

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FORTUNE - When I talk to my motorcycling friends, many of them are hankering for an electric motorcycle. But only, they stress, if it's a motorcycle, not a motor scooter. One friend explained that to motorcycling types, a high-end electric motorcycle would be like going from a Ferrari to a Tesla: "If I was used [...]

What is Conti-guard?

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Germany - Continental AG, Ralf, Cramer, Member of the Executive Board, Chassis & Safety talks about Conti-guard. What is Conti-guard? Cramer talks about the intangible substance that makes Continental AG whole. How is Continental AG integrating the equipment with the Continental tires that Continental is known for worldwide? What companies doe Continental AG own?

Dr. Peter Laier, Vice President, Continental AG Chassis

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany. With the development of Emergency Steer Assist, Continental, the international automotive supplier, is pursuing an entirely new approach to accident-prevention driver assistance systems. "Many of the systems in use today are restricted to intervening in the longitudinal dynamics, Emergency Steer Assist is the lateral dynamics complement to Emergency Brake Assist", said [...]

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