Victor Muller, The NEW Mr. Saab

It was a long day at the Los Angeles auto show. I had been interviewing executives and designers from 8 am. It is now 4 pm. I ran from the Mercedes stand to the Saab stand, late again. I had never met the new CEO of Saab, Victor Muller and was told he was running [...]

Dawn Piechocki, Ford vehicle integration

Dawn Piechocki is the supervisor responsible for vehicle integration for Ford pickups.  Piechocki is 4'10" so she is the perfect person to go to when the rest of the team wants to make sure they are integrating new product for vertically challenged people. Warren Brown from the Washington Post empathizes with Piechocki saying, "I'm short [...]

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Arwed Niestroj, Mercedes-Benz B-Class Fuel-cell

Arwed Niestroj, Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell Manager showed off the new B-Class F-CELL, the first series production fuel-cell powered electric vehicle available in the U.S., at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show. Mercedes-Benz is the first manufacturer to offer a fuel-cell powered Zero-Emissions Vehicle that has been certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California [...]

Ian Callum, Jaguar C-X75, at the 2010 LAAS

Ian Callum, Jaguar C-X75, at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show The cars Ian Callum, the chief designer for Jaguar, are so beautiful, so fluid. What does he dream about? The JAGUAR C-X75 is an electric car, or a two gas turbine range extender. The car is purported to go 200 miles per hour and [...]

Ola Kalenius, AMG CEO, at the 2010 LA auto show on Driving the Nation

Mercedes-AMG Ola Kalenius, CEO of Mercedes-Benz AMG talked to me at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show about the new 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The 2011 SLS AMG is a beauty to behold and the flagship of Mercedes' lineup. The Mercedes-Benz limited-production gullwing coupe is the first-ever car designed and developed from the ground up [...]

Warren Brown, Ford’s Barb Samardzich engineering

Barb J. Samardzich, Vice President of Powertrain Engineering of Ford Motor Company, talked with Warren Brown from the Washington Post and Lou Ann Hammond about fuel economy and politics. Can Ford meet the 2025 regulations? Since this video Barb Samardzich has been appointed  Ford Motor Company's vice president, Global Product Programs. Her appointment to this role [...]

Laura Soave, Fiat, at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show

Coming to America Laura Soave, head of the Fiat brand for North America, talked about Fiat coming to America - again. The first Fiat 500s -- Cinquecentos to my European friends -- will begin rolling into 130 Chrysler dealerships early next year. That's right, Chrysler. It is the best plan Sergio Marchionne has come up [...]

Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai, at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show

Dave Zuchowski, Vice President of Sales at Hyundai Motor America stopped to talk to me at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show. Hyundai has gotten their marketshare the old fashioned way, they've earned it. But how do they continue to get that marketshare, produce premium product and garner profit's? Hyundai has 4.7% marketshare. They came to [...]

Peter Miles, BMW, at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show

Everyone talks about the General Motors IPO and the price of their stock, but BMW has quietly been doing quite well with their stock. Peter Miles, Executive Vice President, Sales and Operations, BMW of North America talked to me about BMW Group operations at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show. How is BMW doing in the U.S., [...]

Ed Welburn corvette concepts GM heritage center

Happy Birthday to ya We're at the General Motors heritage center celebrating Chevy's 100th anniversary. Ed Welburn has graciously taken a bit of time away to show me the largest number of corvette concepts that have ever been assembled. It's a Corvette enthusiasts' Christmas. Enjoy