TodayApril 16, 2022

2011 Chevy Volt drive simulation

2011 Chevy Volt

There are four modes to the Chevy Volt system. There has been much discussion as to whether the Volt is an electric vehicle, a hybrid, or something else.

The Volt has a 16 kWh battery.  We start with converting DC to AC in the electric traction drive. There is a 1.4-liter engine that holds 9.3  gallons of premium gasoline.

Here is the animation of the 2011 Chevy Volt and all four of its modes. If you are a geek you will love this animation.

According to Chevy, the Volt can drive up to 100 mph pure EV, at around 3:30.

If you are looking for the place where they talk about the 4th mode it’s around 3:50.

At around 4:10 they start talking about converting from a one-motor to a two-motor driving.

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