Its the only part of the body, or the car, that touches the ground, the heels and the wheels. We took a few extra seconds to look at the heels & wheels that make up the 81st Geneva International Motor Show at Palexpo for Geneva press days. The show features World and European premieres of cars.  About 250 exhibitors from 30 countries, unveiling over 100 cars.
2011_gas_heels Heels & Wheels at the 81st Geneva International Motor Show at Palexpo press days 2011 Geneva auto show Automobiles and Energy Car shows

We see them at every show, but pay little attention to them; the heels and wheels of the auto show. You see pictures of a beautiful women in front of a car. You can associate how tall and beautiful she is with the worth of a car. The heels a woman paired with her outfit says a lot about her style. A set of wheels on a car says a lot about the car.

Expensive Gucci stillettos, Khaki pants and boots, woman with high heels stands at the wheel of a Chevrolet Volt, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Nissan Juke. All types of heels and wheels graced the stands  at the Geneva Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland.

2011 Geneva autoshow Heels & Wheels
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