Challenge Bibendum

The opening ceremony of the 2011 Bibendum Challenge was held at 9.30 am this Thursday 19 May 2011 in Berlin, Germany. This is the 11th Challenge Bibendum, an international event for sustainable road mobility.

The Michelin Company is managed by Michel Rollier, Managing General Partner, and Didier Miraton and Jean-Dominique Senard, Non-General Managing Partners.

I asked the executives for Michelin to compare the first Michelin tire to the tire that they are taking to emerging markets now. Miraton answered aptly about reliability and different road conditions for different companies, but Rollier was quick to point out that no matter what, the quality of the Michelin tire is never a question.

Michelin is producing fuel cell prototype tires. why?

Power will soon change as Jean-Dominique Senard takes over as Managing General Partner for Michelin, replacing Michel Rollier. What is different about the hierarchy of Michelin’s administration?