Pagani Huayra at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Pagani Zonda S 7.3 Pagani has the Zonda, but the Huayra has been engineered to meet U.S. safety and emissions standards and should be available in the United States to the few extremely wealthy individuals that can afford $1.4 million. Top speed of 230 mph, under 3,000 pounds and a carbon-titanium monocoque chassis cradling a mid-mounted [...]

Simon Sproule, Nissan, on the Japanese earthquake & Tsunami

Simon Sproule is the Chief Vice President, Global Marketing Communications, Nissan Motor Company. Sproule lives in Japan and goes to work everyday at Nissan's headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. He was at his office when the earthquake hit. What would normally take 45 minutes to get home to his wife and newborn baby took over three [...]

Victor Muller, Jan Ake Jonsson, Saab, at the 2011 Geneva auto show on Driving the Nation

" As Churchill said, If you're going through Hell, keep going." Victor Muller Victor Muller, Chairman of Saab, and CEO, Jan Ake Jonsson, sat down at the 2011 Geneva auto show with a group of journalists and stopped to talk to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Saab has nothing to lose and everything to gain. [...]

L’Esprit des Marques 2011 Geneva auto show

L'Esprit des Marques 2011 Geneva auto show Lights, Camera, artists, and cars - L´Esprit des Marques was the aptly French name for Volkswagen's Group Evening the eve of the 2011 Geneva auto show. Journalists from all over the world squeezed into the Halle de Sacheron to see the Volkswagen Groups' spectacular display of artists and [...]

Japan’s earthquake – automobiles and energy

Sendai, Japan is about the same distance from Tokyo, Japan as New York City is from Washington DC. It's a pleasant drive on highway 6 along the coast from Sendai to Tokyo. It was, until last night. There were five military bases I remember in the Tokyo area when I went to high school in [...]

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Volkswagen AG at the 2011 Geneva auto show

2011 Geneva auto show Dr. Rudolf Krebs, Volkswagen AG's Group Chief Officer for Electric Traction talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, at the 2011 Geneva auto show. Volkswagen AG is comprised of Volkswagen cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, SEAT, Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, and Bugatti. Krebs started with Volkswagen in 1996, working on the [...]

Torsten Muller-Otvos talks Rolls-Royce 102EX concept

Geneva International Motor Show (GimsSwiss) (GIMS) Rolls-Royce's CEO, Torsten Muller-Otvos, talked with Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, at the 2011 Geneva Auto show about whether Rolls-Royce customers would be interested in a Rolls-Royce electric vehicle. “Today, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars begins an exploration into alternative drive-trains, seeking clarity on which technology may be suitable to drive [...]

Driving the 2012 Volkswagen Golf R in Europe

Andres Valbuena is the project manager for the Volkswagen Golf R. Valbuena is the person talking over the scenery and the shoots of the car as we drove from Geneva, Switzerland to l'Abbaye de Talloires, France. The most powerful Golf ever offered deserves some of the most beautiful scenes the French Alps has to offer. [...]

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