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2011 Lotus Evora S

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My buddy Davis Adams works for Davis talked about the things he liked about the new 2012 Lotus Evora S. Of course, the design is one of things Davis loves. Another thing Davis loved were the numbers on the S: Maximum Power 345 HP @ 7,000 rpm Maximum Torque 295 ft.-lbs. @ 4,500 rpm [...]

Mark Fields, Ford’s President of the Americas on Driving the Nation

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Mark Fields is Ford's President of the Americas. Fields gave a scrum recently in Dearborn, MI. The journalists were gathered for a briefing on Ford's new technology that is going in Ford cars syncing app links to the vehicle. Secretary Ray LaHood has questioned the need for technology in cars. Ford's job is to provide [...]

Audi’s CO2 to Natural gas at the 2011 Challenge Bibendum on Driving the Nation

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Berlin, Germany - 2011 Michelin Challenge Bibendu. Reinhard Otten, Concept Development for Audi AG talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, about Audi's CO2 to Natural gas at the 2011 Challenge Bibendum. Audi's intention is to make synthetic natural gas out of CO2 from biogas. But I asked Otten about using CO2 from coal, instead [...]

John Batchelor radio show’s economic round table

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Simon Constable, WSJ's The Hub, Gordon Chang, Forbes, Jim McTeague, Barron's and Ina Parker are all on the John Batchelor radio show. This is the economic round table. We are talking automobiles. What are some of the economic indicators for the auto business? What is a job banks? Are we amazed that any cars are [...]

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