Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat on www.washingtonpost.com, September 23, 2011

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We're back from Frankfurt. I drove an Audi TT RS, Chevy Sonic and a Toyota Plug-in this week. Ask me questions about them. Warren and I compared notes of the questions people had asked before we left and we had your question on the list. I didn't see any convertibles that were new to the [...]

2012 VW Beetle turbo – cars and earthquakes on Driving the Nation

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Warren Brown writes for the Washington Post. Warren and I were at the 2012 Volkswagen full-line event where we got to drive all of Volkswagen's cars. When Volkswagen found out it was Warren and his wife's, Mary Anne, 42nd anniversary they brought out a prototype turbo 2012 Volkswagen Beetle that Warren could take home with [...]

GM-China’s one percent controlling interest explained on Driving the Nation

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Frankfurt, Germany - It's been a concern since it happened. Why did General Motors sell the one percent controlling interest of GM-China to Shanghai Automotive (SAIC)? Nick Reilly, who heads GM in Europe, used to work in GM-China. Reilly explained why GM-China sold the one percent controlling interest to SAIC. Reilly said that SAIC will [...]