Infineon raceway for the Ferrari 458 customer appreciation day was at the Infineon Raceway for the Ferrari 458 customer appreciation day. Mattiacci talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, about the race day and the Ferrari customers.

Marco Mattiacci, president and CEO of Ferrari North America was named 2012 Automotive Executive of the Year Award, partly because he understands his customer base and his loyalty to their wants. I would say needs as well, but the reality is no one needs a Ferrari. Yearning, burning desire is not a definition for need, but sometimes want is more important. Sometimes the want to have a Ferrari is what consumes a person to be the person they are. Because it does take money to own a Ferrari.

The 458 is meant for the track, and only for the track. The 458 is the car for the rich and Infineon was their sandbox on this Sunday morning.

Watch the video as you see some of the older cars mixed in with the newer cars, the wheels alone are a piece of art. Each paddock at Infineon was filled with customers helping each other, or engineers from Ferrari working with the customers.