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Climate Change and the Volt, or a parody on politics

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Politics used to be so easy. The Republicans and Democrats were divided over the socially liberal or conservative viewpoints of how to run our government. Now, politics are encompassing every aspect of our lives. You can't get a rectal exam without it being political, let alone buy a car, especially the Chevy Volt. The Chevy [...]

Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chats on March 23, 2012

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LOU ANN HAMMOND : A couple of weeks ago one of you asked ACURA ILX Hi Warren and Lou Ann -- Any idea when the new Acura ILX will actually show up in dealers? My mom desperately wants to drive one (try finding any other 4-dr sedan with stick and leather/sunroof for under $30K) and [...]

Rainer Michel, VW’s VP at the 2012 NAIAS on Driving the Nation

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Rainer Michel, VW VP of product marketing & strategy at the 2012 NAIAS on Driving the Nation Michel went through the alternative fuels and vehicles that Volkswagen has brought to market and is bringing to market in the near future. Volkswagen has hybrids, but are they going to start using the more power dense lithium-ion [...]

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