Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on www.washingtonpost.com May 4, 2012

LOU ANN HAMMOND : I am in Leipzig, Germany attending an International Transportation Forum (ITF). It is put on by the OECD, a group of 54 countries, all coming together to try to find answers to our transportation issues. One forum I attended was about global fuel economy. I interviewed Lew Fulton from the International [...]

Oliver Ganser, BMW’s Product Strategy Manager on the 2013 BMW 3-Series

Oliver Ganser, Product Strategy & Market Research Manager, BMW of North America showed off the all new 3-Series to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com in beautiful Monterey Aquarium. BMW has sold over 12.5 million 3-Series! We are now in Monterey Bay to drive the sixth generation of the 3-Series. According to BMW's press release: The [...]

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Fisker’s Bill Tally & Henrik Fisker on the 2012 Fisker Karma on Driving the Nation

2012 Fisker Karma William "Bill" Tally, Director of Vehicle Integration at Fisker Automotive took the time to talk to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com, about the 2012 Fisker Karma. The Fisker Karma is beautiful, it can go fast and it doesn't have to use gas unless you want it to. Is the Fisker Karma extended-range [...]

Oil subsidies at the International Transport Forum on Driving the Nation

Leipzig, Germany - Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com is attending the 2012 International Transportation Forum. At the 2012 International Transportation Forum (ITF) Renault's Philippe Schulz, Expert Leader Environment, Energy & Strategic Raw Materials, said, "There are countries where gasoline is around $10.00 per gallon, but there are countries that subsidizes gasoline. These subsidies total about $200 [...]