Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on www.washingtonpost.com November 2, 2012

Warren Brown : Here's hoping that those of you affected by Tropical Storm Sandy are recovering as well as you can. We just had downed branches and power outages in my neck of Northern Virginia. We seem to be okay, now. Unfortunately, not all dealers in Delaware, New Jersey and New York were able to [...]

A letter from Hurricane Sandy: Childhood is Over: We’re All in this Together

By Stephen Leahy I am saddened by the damage and loss of life but am truly surprised you are so shocked by the extent and severity. Havent you noticed hurricanes, cyclones and other storms have become more powerful in recent years?  And that extreme weather events like record flooding, droughts and heat waves are happening [...]

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2013 Honda Accord overview and drawing

Sage Marie, Honda's communications manager, talks about the 2013 Honda Accord while David Merrick, Honda's design director, draws the 2013 Honda Accord. The 2013 Honda Accord prices and fuel ratings are as follows: 2013 Honda Accord Sedan 4-cylinder models: 2013 Honda Accord LX Sedan: 6-Speed Manual $21,680 24 city /34 highway /28 combined CVT $22,480 [...]

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Continental’s M2XPRO, a step into the future

V2X communications system Technology is dependent on many components coming together at the same time, with the same precision. Dr. Marc Menzel, an expert on wireless communication at Continental AG talked to www.drivingthenation.com about M2XPRO communications. Continental is developing an M2XPro sensor that can be combined with Continental's intelligent antenna module for use in the [...]

Is HCCI the engine of the future? on Driving the Nation

For years I've been hearing about homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) in gasoline engines, but no action had been taken. Recently at a Bosch event, in the left bottom corner of a gasoline display was the HCCI emblem. Is HCCI still an option for the future? Hakan Yilmaz, Bosch's Global Technology Management, Gasoline Systems, explained [...]

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