2013 Chicago auto show on the John Batchelor radio show

2013 Chicago auto show on the John Batchelor radio show

I’m at the Chicago auto show where Toyota has brought out the new Tundra. It looks huge in comparison to the new vehicles other car companies are bringing out. Small, contented, more horsepower, more torque.

Chevy is bringing out the Cruze diesel, the first diesel car since the ’80s, VW is bringing out the VW Beetle GSR (which means yellow, black racer in German). Nissan is bringing out a Juke Nismo and 370Z Nismo and Ford is bringing out the Fiesta ST.

All of these vehicles are small, but with a racing type component to them. This is what that segment needs. Some of these cars I get into I feel like Betty Flintstone on a hill, peddling with her feet to get the car up the hill. It’s not safe and it’s not fun, two components I have to have in my car.

And because we were in Chicago Batchelor wanted to know the Bullet proof cars available. None were at the Chicago auto show, but I did a little digging and found some noteworthy tidbit’s about bulletproof cars :

New Ford Interceptor Police cars – ballistic door panels are a factory option “ they consist of 45 lbs. ceramic panels inserted into the door skin at the point of assembly so theyre Ford engineered warrantied parts. They are designed to stop all level 3 rounds of ammunition from penetrating the door.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI was delivered a new Popemobile to Pope Benedict XVI. Mercedes-Benz has provided a Popemobile to the Catholic Church for more than 80 years now.

President Obama – Cadillac DTS

Bentley State Limousine for The Queen

The Prime Ministerial Car, an armoured, custom built Jaguar XJ Sentinel for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Companies that offer bulletproofing

Mercedes-Benz has “the guard program” availabe in Europe, not the United States.
The armoured special-protection has additional safety features that
include run-flat tyres, a self-sealing fuel tank and a fire-extinguishing system.

GM offers bullet proofing in Europe and South America, not the United STates.

Audi offers armored cars in Germany

BMW doesnot offer bullet proof cars in the U.S., but they did quite well offering the U.S. Government “security vehicles” for foreign embassies

Jaguar offers the XJ Sentinel has been designed as the ultimate armoured luxury limousine, a sexy 007

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