Maserati Ghibli at the Shanghai auto show

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CEO Maserati interview in Shanghai China Mr. Harald J. Wester, Chief Executive of Maserati GB Ltd. Mr. Wester and Chief Executive of Alfa Romeo at Fiat S.p.A talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, about the Maserati Ghibli, Maserati and China. Maserati was purchased by Fiat in 1993. Maserati increased sales 2% from 2011 to [...]

Tesla talks to Google, Audi puts a Vulcan grip on Mercedes with a fascinating self-parking car

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John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, about tesla talking to Google about autonomous vehicles, and Audi's car commercial that star Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. Google was the first autonomous vehicle to get a license to drive their autonomous vehicles in Nevada, Audi was the [...]

Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on May 3, 2013

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Lou Ann Hammond : I was talking to June, the owner of Second Act in Auburn, CA. She was pleased that she had just filled her tank and it didnt go above the price that in her head was too much to bear. She stopped, looked at me and said, “I cant believe it. I've [...]

April auto sales on the John Batchelor radio show

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Host John Batchelor talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, about April automotive sales. It's a mixed bag, according to Automotive News, sales didn't quite making the 15 million SAAR that they have every other month this year, but there were some highlights. Pickups were the winner and they helped General Motors, Ford, and Dodge/Ram [...]

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