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50 years of Porsche 911 in Stuttgart, Germany pt. 1

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Stuttgart, Germany - Dieter Landenberger, the head of Porsche museum archives, gave Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, a private tour around the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany. From June 4 “ September 29, 2013 in the Porsche Museum you can view the Anniversary Exhibition of Porsche celebrating “50 Years of 911”. Free admission All 911 [...]

John Cafaro on the Chevy Impala design on Driving the Nation

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General Motor's director of designer, John Cafaro, talked to about the Chevy Impala design. Cafaro is passionate about the Impala and describes the different design of the molding available on the LTZ. Watch the video as Cafaro talks about the old Impalas and they make a cameo appearance in the video. There are a [...]

Continental’s first in the world Braking Analyzer

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Hannover, Germany - Precise and consistent are how Stefan Heine, head of testing for indoor braking, described the biggest benefit's of Continental AIBA (Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer) to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Right outside the indoor facility is the old rusted track that thousands of cars have traveled over to test the [...]

Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on June 14, 2013

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June 7, 2013 I'm in Germany this week. I visited Continental tires in Hannover, Germany. They have created a new, more precise way to measure how well their tires perform in rolling resistance and wet braking. It's the first in the world and I will be reporting on it shortly. Right now I'm sitting in [...]

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