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Volvo’s drive-e boosts power, increases versatility, efficiency and electrification ability on Driving the Nation

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Las Vegas, NV - When I agreed to go to Las Vegas to test drive the drive-e powertrain with Volvo I thought it was an electric vehicle (EV). Apparently, many other journalists did as well, because one of the first things Volvo told us was that e did not stand for electric, it stood for [...]

Bosch: An EV charger for $449? It’s here on Driving the Nation

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Jeff Hudnut, OES Product Manager, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive Service Solutions, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation, at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) about the new electric vehicle (EV) plug-in charger for $449! Thought you couldn't afford an electric charger for a plug-in EV? Now you can. Bosch has an EV [...]

Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on January 31, 2014

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Good morning Warren and Friends I've been to two events since last Friday and they couldn't be more different. From the MINIest of cars to the most heavy duty trucks. I drove the GMC Sierra heavy duty and towed 10,000 pounds behind a Chevy Silverado heavy duty while going down a hill at 55 mph, [...]

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