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2014 Cadillac CTS exterior manager loves Crystal Red on Driving the Nation

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Brian Smith, Exterior designer for the Cadillac CTS loves the way the exterior color crystal red looks on the 2014 Cadillac CTS. Smith talked about the 2014 Cadillac CTS-V sedan that can make 556 horsepower from a V-8 engine moving it from 0-60 in a blistering red 4.0 seconds. The curves of the CTS are [...]

Warren Brown and Lou Ann Hammond chat about cars on June 27, 2014

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Good morning Warren and Friends I was listening to CNN yesterday and they were talking about children dieing in cars. One woman admitted that she had left her child in her car and it frightened her so much that she devised a method of safety. Every time she had her child in the back seat [...]

A patent lawyer, and Tesla owner, talks about open sourcing patents on Driving the Nation

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David Cabello is a partner at Wong Cabello Lutsch Rutherford, an intellectual property law firm. Cabello has been named Texas Super Lawyer® in Intellectual Property Litigation for the last three years. He also owns a Tesla. Cabello talked to John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show, and Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the [...]

Tesla product specialist Gary Calderon walks around the 2014 Tesla S on Driving the Nation

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Gary Calderon, Tesla product specialist, walked around the 2014 Tesla Model S with Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation. There are three models; Model S, Models S Performance, Models S Performance Plus. The Model S uses the 60 KwH battery, has a driving range of 208 miles of pure EV, goes 0-60 in 5.9 [...]

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