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Volvo hires Google Head of Creative as Director, Marketing Innovation and Strategy on Driving the Nation

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Well this should be interesting. Volvo just hired away from Google John Militello as Director, Marketing Innovation and Strategy for Volvo cars America, reporting to Bodil Eriksson, Executive Vice President, Volvo North America . John Militello, Volvo's Director, Marketing Innovation and Strategy" Google and Apple are playing an [...]

First Drive: electric and autonomous Tesla S by Bosch

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Bosch stripped a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, brought in fifteen sensors, and a lidar to create the first Model S P85 electric self-driving vehicle. We drove it last week in Boxberg, Germany. We got to see the future, and the future is not that far away. There is an assumption that initially, most autonomous [...]

MEMS; the future of autonomous vehicles

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If you owned a 1979 vehicle, you were one of the first people to drive with a MEMS in their car. Today there are discussions on how many MEMS should be in cars. Bosch says there are about fifty What is a MEMS? Remember the BBC television show Keeping up Appearances? Part of the sitcom's [...]

Denise McClugagge 1927-2015, You mattered on Driving the Nation

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Denise McClugagge passed away this week. The legendary McClugagge was a co-founder of Autoweek and so much more. Twitter, Facebook and media posts were lit up today with tributes to McClugagge. There are two words that summed her up the mattered. YOU MATTERED. In a world of fifteen seconds of what have [...]

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