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Volvo XC 90 wins Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY)

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Ace, How is it you have all these hot chicks coming into your workshop with their car, and I have a bunch of guys in my workshop telling me everything they know about cars? Because, Joe, you own a Mercedes workshop and I own a Volvo workshop. It’s a true story told to [...]

Real Wheels Live with Warren Brown on 10.16.15

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, I've driven a group of SUVs in the last couple of weeks and my favorite is still the 2016 Hyundai Tucson. For just $27,000 you can get a decent SUV that isn't big and bulky, doesn't wallow when driving and has lots of standard equipment and technology. Warren Brown [...]

October 9, 2015 chat about cars on Washington Post

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, Ten generations of Honda Civic I'm in Tarrytown, NY, today for the Honda Civic launch. Of course there is an embargo, but think of all the new "stuff" the Accord has on its car. What is amazing is how much the shape and size of the Civic has [...]

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